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World of Coca-Cola Interactives:

Learning Through Play

Type: Interactive Installations

Client: World of Coca-Cola

Role: Creative Director


Communicator Awards

Digital Out-of-Home Awards

At the brand museum for one of the world’s most iconic brands, we created a series of playful, interactive installations that celebrate Coca-Cola’s past, present, and future. My Coke Art empowers anybody to realize their own inner creativity by providing a fool-proof way to make art. Using the intuitive interface, visitors mix and match Coca-Cola branded assets to design their own completely unique piece, which visitors can be sent to themselves and published to the gallery. The end result is a cohesive body of work that honors self-expression and collective creativity. Coca-Cola Challenge is a set of four interactive games that teach visitors about the company’s breadth of products, sustainability efforts, and corporate social responsibility efforts. The physical form of the fixture is inspired by the visual language of bottles and bubbles, attracting visitors to explore what’s inside. The content design mixes company archive materials with bespoke animation and variations on standard game tropes, including memory-based card matching, trivia, and picture puzzles. By turning serious business into an outlet for entertainment, the Coca-Cola Challenge shares some of the company’s most important actions, ambitions, and inventions while delivering happiness to all.



A Peek into the Process​:

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