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Type: Interactive Installations

Client: Whole Foods Market

Role: Creative Lead

Nourishing Narratives:

An Experiential Flagship Store

At the Whole Foods Market flagship Avalon store, we created a suite of interactive experiences—digital and analog—giving guests an opportunity to learn, play, discover and share. Farm Meet Table connects shoppers to the real people who provide the food they eat, by offering a glimpse into their Instagram feeds. Shoppers, in turn, can post back to the wall, sharing their own creations. With Perfect Pairings, shoppers use their personal tastes as an entry point to the world of wine and cheese. The Whole Body Mirror draws attention to an otherwise overlooked section of the store by challenging customers in an embodied game. And finally,Wise Wood, an interactive wooden signage platform, invites shoppers to transform a farm landscape, revealing the sustainable practices of the “Responsibly Grown” rating system. 



A Peek into the Process​:

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