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Type: Interactive Installation

Client: The GWU Museum &

The Textile Museum

Role: Creative Director


Digital Signage Awards

HOW International Design Awards

W³ Awards

AAM Media & Technology MUSE Awards

Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards

Communicator Awards

Common Threads: 

A Reflective Photo Booth

A thought-provoking photo booth experience asked visitors to consider how the textiles they choose reflect who they are. Common Threads, a temporary experience for the museum's lobby, allowed visitors to select keywords that best describe themselves, pose for a photo, and share a detail worth noting (the t-shirt they stole from their big brother, the scarf their great-grandmother wore to her wedding, the pair of shoes they saved up to buy, etc.). When visitors submit their final image, they discover a collage of photos of others who used the same keywords to describe themselves—revealing the common threads that connect us all. 

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