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Atlanta Airport International Terminal: Designing a Daydream

Type: Experience Masterplan

Client: Atlanta Airport

Role: Experience Lead

For international travelers who land in terminal E, it's approximately a 20 minute walk to get to the customs and immigration checkpoints. People are ushered through hallways, around corners, and down escalators that seem to have no end in sight. Every new threshold brings a glimmer of hope, but the walk continues on. Our plan to alleviate this psychological roller-coaster was to transform the journey into a walking daydream that would captivate minds and change perceptions—making the walk appear to be shorter than it really is. Inspired by the wonder of international travel and a desire to soothe our weary travelers, our story is one of epic migrations found in nature. The story has four acts (air, water, earth, and finale) containing three chapters each—the boundaries of which are defined by the physical qualities of the spaces encountered along the walk. 

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